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Tales of the

Genre : Trading Card Game

Date : From February 2021 to November 2021

Type : Personnal



Tales of the Eligan (TOTE) is a trading card game, in which the player can build their own decks of cards to create the best combinations to overcome their opponents.

Project Summary


Being a huge fan of TCG-style games, references like Hearthstone or Yu-Gi-Oh were very important in the making of this game. The main dynamic I aimed to recreate through this project was that of collection.

Yu-GI-Oh card booster inspiration - Collection Dynamic

So I quickly wanted to adopt the principle of collectible cards placed within a competitive game setting

Corrupted Troll - Card Template

Card Artwork

Card Name


Cost (in 'Soul Points')


Corrupted Troll.png

Card Type


Physical Early Version


I quickly had a first deck of the initial 52 cards produced in order to test a competitive one-on-one game promptly, following the previously established rules. However, the issues, primarily related to balance, highlighted by these tests made swift modifications and various changes challenging.

Therefore, I decided to draw inspiration from another source: Hearthstone. I programmed various tools to test the modifications I wanted to make to the project more rapidly and efficiently.

Among the different tools I wanted were:

  • The ability to quickly add new cards

  • Modify various metrics related to them (Soul points, effects, etc.)

  • Have an AI opponent intelligently using the cards drawn from its deck, with the option to increase or decrease the difficulty.

All these needs led to the development of a digital version of TOTE to iterate faster and improve the game.

Digital Version

Note: Creating a playable prototype was obviously time-consuming and costly. Some elements, notably advanced AI, were abandoned in favor of simpler versions that still allowed for iteration.

View of the battlefield


My Roles

- Game Designer 

- Level Designer 

- Narrative Designer

- Programmer 

- Q/A Tester

- Sound Designer

How to play ?


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