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Genre : Platformer Game

Date : From May 2019 to January 2020

Type : Personnal



Ninjapple is a 2D platformer in which the player takes on the role of Ringo, a ninja apple tasked with saving his kingdom from an old enemy by completing six levels and finding elemental medallions.

Project Summary

This game is by far the most ambitious project I have undertaken solo, dedicating over 8 months of full-time work, and it was released on Steam in January 2020.

The entire concept was based on the desire to combine two absurd elements: fruits and ninjas. The project quickly focused on a whimsical universe in line with the basic concept. Enemies are vegetables, allies of the protagonist are also fruits, creating a quirky atmosphere.

To maintain this quirky vibe, environments and even some gameplay elements include nods to pop culture. Among these references are Skyrim, Fire Emblem, The Sims, and Dragon Ball Z. This creates a sometimes confusing but cohesive overall experience, prioritizing gameplay.

Ninjapple's gameplay relies on Ringo's moveset, consisting of conventional platformer movements (jump, run, dash, etc.) and attacks the avatar can use to act offensively against various obstacles (primarily enemies and environments).

Ringo also has an inventory, allowing him to use different power-ups tailored to specific situations, providing advantages and facilitating progression.

My Roles

- Game Designer 

- Level Designer 

- Programmer 

- Q/A Tester

- Sound Designer


Despite being an extremely educational project, it was overly ambitious. This was evident in its duration, the lack of preparation for the Steam release, and the constant desire to add content to make it a more substantial experience. The game incorporates elements of a platformer, RPG, puzzle game, management, and a narrative that aims to be both quirky and serious, borrowing codes from the Shōnen anime genre.

Although this concept is technically a failure in terms of sales, game design, level design, etc., this project led me to consider absolutely every aspect of game production. From conception to shipping, including communication, it allowed me to try out all roles within a production and proved to be, from my perspective, an invaluable experience.


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