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The Guardians of Kaellia

Genre : 2D management game

Date : From September 2020 to February 2021

Type : Personnal

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The Guardians of Kaellia is a turn-based 2D management game in which the player must oversee a tribe of guardians and help them defend against external threats.

Project Summary

This game is largely inspired by chess. Each guardian has an attack and defense value, as well as a skill related to its class. Players can call upon guardians to reinforce their ranks. The game relies in part on the randomness of the playing board, where the player will have resources to use for improving their guardians and making them more effective.

Randomness also plays a role in making each game different from the previous one, creating interesting gameplay situations and renewing the player's interest. For example, some guardians may have the "hairy" characteristic, indicating that they can transform into a werewolf and turn against their allies.

The idea behind this project was primarily to recreate a board game experience while seeking to maximize the game's replayability. The core gameplay revolves around resource collection and camp development, regularly disrupted by arbitrary interventions that players must adapt to.

Gameplay video

My Roles

- Game Designer 

- Level Designer 

- Programmer 

- Q/A Tester

- Sound Designer

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