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Genre : Rythm Game

Date : From October 2022 to January 2023

Type : Academic Project (Partnership)

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Cosmo is a rhythm game on mobile where the player embodies a small creature that navigates from planet to planet in sync with the music from Transmusicales artists. The game aims to showcase the musical diversity of the festival through a colorful and whimsical universe.

Project Summary

This project was carried out in collaboration with the Transmusicales Festival, an annual festival in the city of Rennes. Given full creative freedom to represent an aspect of the festival and fulfill the festival's request, we decided to create a rhythm game to best capture the diversity and inclusivity of the event.

As a result, we designed the game around visual and auditory experiences where players follow a path in sync with the music. We also aimed to appeal to the festival audience, a group less accustomed to games, while considering the demand for a mobile-supported game.

Determined to create a significant game to maximize its potential, we sought to create satisfaction, promote engagement, and generate player commitment through rewards. With the project deadline set for January 2023, we kept the most ambitious part in the theoretical stage: the community system.

My Roles

- Game Designer (Mechanics, Rewards, Community)

- Level Designer 

- Q/A Tester


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UI for the theoretical community system

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Planet Selection (musical universes bringing together different artists sharing similar feelings)

Level Selector (With access to cosmetic collections linked with the planets)

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