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Realtime Diablo-like
(Game Design Practice)


Last Update : February 29th - 3:49 p.m

Why doing this ?

This project allows me to leverage a significant amount of metric data, because like Diablo, I aim to have control over a maximum number of components defining the gaming experience (combat, looting, skills, etc.).

It also enables me to gradually manage more and more of these aspects. Starting first by recreating the dynamics exploited by my various references (mainly Diablo 1-2-3, Vampire Survivors & Baldur's Gate 1 & 2).

I also included a realtime aspect to the design to create anticipatory dynamics. By doing so, the player is engaged in a constant desire to optimize their experience. 


Focus of the project

Combat Dynamics

As a player, here are the dynamics I experience when playing these games, which I have extracted from my research:

Sense of power - Dominance

Avatar survival - Resistance

Handling the Chaos - Control

Once the combat dynamics are identified, I attempt to reproduce the main combat mechanics in order to recreate the dynamics.

Management Dynamics

The realtime aspect of the game makes for a strategic approach from the players. Playing the game at different moments of the day gives enables them to access different possibilities and will encourage them to decide when to play, and will entice them to come back.

Timing and Events - Engagement

NPC Appearances (coming soon)

Absent NPC - Notification displaying their return (coming soon)

Limited Opportunities - Anticipation

Merchant temporary inventory (coming soon)

Nouveau projet.gif

Temporary Event - Building for sale

State of the project


Dynamiques de jeu

Here is an overview summarizing the current state of the project. A functional combat system with waves of enemies, each with different values determining their difficulty.

Implemented Elements

- Avatar Metrics (Strength, speed, mana, attack range, attack speed...)

- Spell casting

- Enemy Damages

- Enemy Pathfinding (simple)

- 180° Attack (The avatar can attack from any angle, based on the mouse position)


- Damage Multiplier

- XP points

- Spell choices (different effects - projectile, area, static, mobile...)

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