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Genre : Platformer/Adventure Game

Date : Ongoing

Type : Academic Project


Chroma is a 3D adventure solo game in which you play as a painter navigating within her own creativity. Progress through fantastical and dreamlike environments stripped of colors. Forge your way through various obstacles and doubts that the character faces during her creative process. Use her full range of actions, supported by her companion, to bring color back to the environment.


Project Summary

This project is our final-year project and is currently in development. It marks our first real 'professional' experience as it places us in a studio-like setting with a team of 10 people.

Note: As the project is still in progress, this page is subject to change throughout the year.

Video posted on Twitter in which I present the concept and main features

Nouveau projet.gif

Coloring mechanic : Essential part of the Core Gameplay Loop

Nouveau projet.gif

Cinematic Camera Movements - Staging the narrative

My Roles

- Game Designer (Avatar, Rewards, Player Engagement)

- Level Designer 

- Q/A Tester

- Tool Designer (Player Tracking & Heatmap)

image (2).png

Early stage in development (Novembrer 2023 - Prototype milestone)

Artblock Top View2.png

Level Design Sketch


Isometric view - Design Intents


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