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Age of Arcana

Genre : Management Game

Date : From September 2019 to December 2020

Type : Personnal



Age of Arcana is a 2D management game in which the player must balance four factions (villagers, merchants, guards, and the empire) while economically developing villages. Players must construct buildings, manage different factions, their roles, and their grievances.

Project Summary

I undertook this project with the aim of practicing management game mechanics. This project particularly benefited from extensive iteration work on the core gameplay loop. Given its reliance on balance, I named this project "Project Equilibrium."

This project went through several stages during which I iterated extensively on the balance system between factions. In terms of design, associated mechanics were quick to implement, but each required numerous changes to manage the balance between them. Among the game's features, there was a wide range of possibilities, from relatively in-depth village construction to the precise management of metrics needed for construction, such as taxes and salaries, providing players with a clear idea of the resources allocated to certain factions.

2019 version of Project Equilibrium

2020 version 

My Roles

- Game Designer 

- Level Designer 

- Programmer 

- Q/A Tester

- Sound Designer



Player Guide in the UI 

Construction Mode - Player Creativity

Weather and Season system

Resource Management

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