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Genre : Narrative Game

Date : From May 2023 to June 2023

Type : Academic Project


13F is a first-person narrative game where the player embodies Sarah, a young woman exploring an abandoned building, the site of paranormal events in the 90s, with her brother James. The two protagonists find themselves trapped in a dangerous, incomprehensible, and unpredictable place they need to quickly escape from.

Project Summary

This project, undertaken at the end of the second year of study, focused on a pedagogical request to create an experience centered around the theme "Thrilling Narrative" The need for Narrative Design, intrinsically linked to Game Design, became apparent.

We opted for an immersive narrative experience featuring the avatar's progression in a detailed environment and serving a strong mythological narrative centered around the urban legend of the 13th floor.

The game gained significant attention through its page, with a community contributing theories and questions, adding substantial value to the project.

My Roles

- Narrative Designer (Scenario, universe, dialogues)

- Game Designer (Avatar Metrics, Interactions)

- Level Designer 

- Voice Actor (James)

- Sound Designer

Lobby LD1.png

Example of Isometric Sketches made before the Block-out


The page setting used to communicate the written dialogues to the voice actress for Sarah and

to produce records for James.

How to play ?

You may find the page here  :




Main Menu


Immersive and dubbed dialogues


Interactive environments to provoke the feeling of exploration and discovery


The 13th Floor

Short and immersive puzzles to challenge the player

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