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Hi ! I'm Sébastien. I'm a Game/Level Designer from France.

I have been designing games since I was 13, and I have a bachelor from the ESMA Game Design school in Rennes.

I currently work at Eode Group in Nantes as a Game and Level Designer.



- Game Design (Prototyping)

- Level Design (Sketches, Isometric Drawing, Blocking)

QA Testing (Ticketing, testing protocols) 

Narrative Design (Scenario/Dialogue Writing, Level Building) 

- Programming (Javascript, C#, Blueprints)

- Tool Design

- Voice Acting

- Documentation Writing

Among my many passions in Game Development, I really love designing games from scratch. I am also very fond of designing experiences to create compelling games. I also like to write and imagine stories and universes.

Work Philosophy

Whether it's Game or Level Design, my work philosophy involves communication and diligence. This is represented through my detailed documentation process, tailored to communicate intents to the teams I collaborate with.

Currently (June 2024)

Design sans titre.png

Currently in the process of producing an adventure game called Chroma, where I serve as the Game/Level Designer within a 10-person team. This project is part of my graduation project.

Valengard Rule Book.png

In my free time, I also design the entire universe of a role-playing game called "The Chronicles of Valengard" (Writing and Game Design), which I am creating with the aim of facilitating role-playing game sessions for my players.

See More (Available Soon)

Latest Release

"People dissapearing, strange stories and unexplainable events. Everything seem to point out this ancient Manhattan building. Follow James and Sarah as they delve into its shadowy depths, driven by a curiosity that borders on obsession. However, darkness lurks within, threatening their very existence. Dare to step into the unknown and uncover the truth that haunts the 13th floor..."

The main objective was to design an experience revolving
around the "thrilling narrative" request. To begin with, I
focused mainly on the narration as it was the focal point
of the request.

The focus was to create an interactive and immersive experience designed to generate stressful situations in a developed universe in terms of storyline and character

The game was welcomed with enthusiasm as it gathered a small community of people on

Tool Creation 

Throughout various academic productions, my rigor and organization have led me to proactively engage in project and team management. My programming skills allow me to create tools, whether on Excel or independently, to enhance the efficiency and quality of my productions.


Game Portfolio

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